How to set footnote line spacing

I have made extensive use of inline footnotes and am now trying to figure out how to control how they look. When compiling one can set if they appear at the foot of pages or the end of a document, but I cannot see where one can set other formatting options such as line spacing or font.

As my main body text has generous interline spacing (set with format > paragraph > line and paragraph spacing) this is being applied to footnotes too where I only want single line spacing.

Please respond with ‘idiots guide’ step-by-step instructions to find any relevant dialog rather than assuming I know where things are. Thanks

OK perhaps not a complete idiot as I eventually got to what I think must be the correct approach. Just had trouble finding where to start.

The trick seems to be to use ‘Compile’ as the starting point, then make a copy of a ‘Format’ that is close to what one wants, and from this point it is possible to edit it to suite personal preferences including setting single line spacing for footnotes and endnotes. Much more can be set here such as page margins and styles.