How to set indent for speech, but not for paragraph?

In microsoft word I have set a paragraph indent which indents every time I hit the return key for a new line of speech. When starting a new paragraph I hit the return key twice, and then the backspace key to remove the indent.

How can I achieve something similar using scrivener? So I want my speech to be indented, but new paragraphs to be flush to the left. I don’t want to have to keep changing the margins all the time. Thanks!

Hello Kieranvyas,
If you set an indent of say 0.5" under Options/ Editor in the graphical format box then your first line will be indented. From then on if you don’t want the indent hold the left shift key when you press return. This will then send the cursor to the left margin. When you want a new paragraph for speech just hit return on its own.

Great! Thank you!