How to set project targets

I’m very new to Scrivener and don’t understand how to set Project Targets. I went to View/Statistics/Show Project Statistics. I entered a word count target in Show Project Target but the goal bar does not reflect the statistic (it’s all white, not partially blue). I also don’t see any place to enter a Session Target. Am I missing something or is it just not working properly?

View > Project Statistics. Please see the Help file - either the section on Menus (View Menu) or on Windows & Panels.

I’ve looked at all of that and have entered a word count in Project Targets, as described in my first email. No percentage shows on the bar, and I don’t see where I can enter Session Target. I checked the Help file and I seem to be doing what it suggests. Any other suggestions since this isn’t working?

Well, a percentage will only show if you have typed any words within the Draft folder, of course (and you need to hit enter when you’ve entered the target, too).


I think you may find what you’re looking for at the bottom of the text area. To the right, you’ll see a small target icon. Click on this and an input pane will appear where you can enter your desired word count target (see below). To clear the bar, enter a 0.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help. I see that target symbol now bu I’m still wondering how to get a target count on the entire Draft folder, so I can see my progress on the entire project. When I click on that icon (stacked papers), the target icon does not appear.

In the menu:

View -> Statistics -> Show Project Targets

Enter a number of words into the blank field. Hit enter (it’s what I forgot the first times too). The progress bar will show you your … progress!

Ahhhh, that works! An OK or Save button would be helpful! Thanks!

It is pretty normal to have to hit enter to confirm changes in a text field in OS X…

Glad you got it working.