How to set the color of a page to black?

Hi, How can I set the color of a few specific pages in an ebook to black, and eliminate all margins on those pages, so I can then insert images with black backgrounds which will not be framed in white margins on these black pages?

In other words I’d like to create a document with normal margins for black text on white pages and also black pages with images and zero margins, for publishing as a .mobi ebook without white margins surrounding images.

Is this possible?

Thanks (sorry so convoluted, lacking sleep! :wink:

I don’t think that is something possible with Mobi in general. Given that the reader can use different themes to view the book, giving the book control over the background would defeat the purpose of themes (you want to read in dark room mode, but the book refuses to do anything but black on white).

I think (I can’t vouch for it, I’ve never tried it) what might be possible is something along these lines. But that technique is not going to work well to fill out the screen, since the height of the screen will be different depending on the device.

Ah you’re right!! I hadn’t thought of the ability of users to customize page views. In that case is it possible to insert an image within the Draft section which would export in the same way a cover image does from the Front Matter section?

It’s possible to publish images in the Front Matter section, with dimensions which will push the edge of the image flush with the edge of target eReader screens?

It seems necessary to insert images into text pages themselves, if they are to be displayed in the body of the Draft section. Instead I’d like images throughout the text to be flush with the margins of eReaders, not just those from the Front Matter section - is this possible?

Thanks again!

Unfortunately you can’t display an image like the cover. The cover is a special file stored inside the e-book that the Kindle software calls upon and displays at full size. It’s really better to think of the cover image as something like the title or author, more like meta-data than content. As for everything else, you’re stuck working within the margin area defined by the device viewing the book, to the best of my knowledge.

Ah! Thanks again…(I was under the impression that InDesign could publish comics and children’s books with images flush to eReader’s screens but I’m probably mistaken). As an alternative quick solution would it be possible to publish individual pages with zero margins, to then force the images to scale at least somewhat to a eReader’s display edge, along either the width or length of its screen? Thanks