How to set the 'start page' when compiling


I’m trying to compile my novel into an ePub, but once compiled the first opening page is the second half of the TOC. How do I set the ‘start page’ to the first page of Chapter One?



This discussion might help (assuming the Windows version mirrors what the Mac version can do)…

I’m using the Windows version, and there’s no ‘Placeholder tags’ under the Help menu, nor even a Layout section in the Compile window. Any help would be most appreciated!

The “Book begins after front matter” setting isn’t available in Windows?

Looking on the forums…

…Sigil and a “start tag” should work.

A Scrivener Windows user might come up with a better solution if one now exists (the second post linked above is from 2012).

The “start page” placeholder isn’t available currently in Windows, so post-processing the epub file via Sigil is the best option for now.

I’m having trouble with this, and though it is more of an Amazon/KDP issue, I wondered if anyone is able to cast any light on the matter.

I saved my book as an e-pub, set the ‘start’ in Sigil (to the xhtml that corresponded Chapter 1) and uploaded via KDP which then produced a preview mobi file. Unfortunately ‘go to the beginning’ then brought up the second page of the TOC. After a few experiments, I found if I set the ‘start’ to Chapter 2, the KDP converted file worked as I hoped it would. So far so good. But things changed again when the book became available in the store, and the ‘go to beginning’ now jumps to the first page of the TOC.

I’ve now discovered that where ever the start is set in Sigil, after the KDP conversion, the start is re-set to somewhere random. (ie if I set start to Chapter 10, it actually goes to halfway through Chapter 8.)

One other thing I’ve found is that if there is no cover image uploaded to KDP, everything performs exactly as you would expect.

Anyone got any thoughts? I’m thoroughly confused! As, it seems, are Amazon, whose sole contribution has been to ask me to send in the pre-epub file as it’s not possible to edit an e-pub!