How to set the Tab

Towards the end of my document, the Tab key no longer takes me across the page the way it’s supposed to. I press the Tab key now and the cursor goes three-quarters the way across the page. And i can’t make it stop doing that and going back to regular.

I write scripts, using the Tab key to go to the where I want the characters name to be. It was working fine for three days, now the end of this document, it no longer does that.

BTW, there are no instructions at all in the manual as to how to set the tab, or what to do when it no longer functions the way it’s supposed to.

somehow figured it out. It gets confusing because at some point in the short draft document the ‘tab’ goes half way across the page. I had to find where that first happened, then go over each sentence, use the delete key to bring all the sentences together, then make sure the next paragraph tab worked.

And I had to go through every sentence until I reached the end of draft document, and then the last paragraph tabbed correctly.

but I fixed this purely by chance and I hope it doesn’t continue to malfunction.