How to set up a template with a default font other than Courier?

I have just finished my first project based on the standard nonfiction template, and it seems to me I spent a lot of the time overriding, countermanding and contradicting the template’s insistence on Courier New.

I’m sure this is a great default when the final product is to be a manuscript, but not necessarily when it is something else.

I know this isn’t a setting in the .scrivx file, because I’ve looked. So I suppose it must be in the starter .rtf files. Can anyone offer a quick, thorough way to change this default in a new template?

Do the tips in this article help out? There isn’t a starter RTF file (like Word’s nor a template-based thing, but in your settings there is a little mock editor and the formatting you apply to the example text in that will be your default for all newly created items in all projects going forward.

Default formatting aside, you may also be in scriptwriting mode (inadvertently or no) which will enforce the styling (including font) saved into the script. You can tell if you’re in scripting mode if the text editor footer bar has stuff pertaining to element selection (characters, action, etc.). In standard prose mode (free formatting) the footer bar will have statistics about the text and a target button on the right.