How to set up automatic text substitution?

I want to set up Scrivener to automatically replace my custom abbreviations for specific terms and proper names with full-length terms/names (for example, “IDK” with “I don’t know”). Under Preferences>Auto-correction, it indicates that clicking on “System Text Preferences” (see attached screenshot) should allow this, but when I click on said button, nothing happens. Am I missing something?

I’m working in Mac OS10.15.7.


[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 7.21.39 PM.png[/attachment]

I cannot and won’t comment why pressing that button “System Text Preferences” doesn’t work on your computer when you click on it.

But you should be aware by now that in Apple’s OSX System Preferences (upper left corner of screen, Apple icon, pick “System Preferences”) then click on “Keyboard”, then pick tab “Text” and you find how the operating system has the capability to replace shortcuts with text. You control it there. I suspect that the “button” System Text Preferences is supposed to go there.

That being said, for years now I use Alfred for text substitution. Should I stop using Alfred (it has a lot of other features I use), I would use this native capability built into the OSX operating system.

Thank you, that worked; seems obvious, but I hadn’t thought of it!