How to share content between projects?

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Scrivener and there is something which concerns me a bit. So, I have a project where my binder is already organized the way I want and everything, but I need to know how I’m gonna share some content with other projects. This content is like my world bible, and I don’t want to manually copy and past every time I’m making a short story in another project. Any idea?

Thanks in advance

You might find this post, and the discussion around it, to be of some future-tense food for thought. It describes features that are actually already available if you switch to using the public beta—but even without the linkage mechanism you can still open two projects side-by-side and thus provide a fairly seamless working environment where central information is shared equally among several projects.

This may not work for you, depending on what you are trying to do.

But what I have done is to open the target project, then open the source project, then move the window to the right enough to reveal the binder of the target project underneath. At that point you can select any document in the source binder (or graphic or what have you) and drag it directly into the target binder, and place it wherever you wish.

What that does is place a copy there. If you want to copy something there, that’s all it takes. If you want to move something there, then simply go back to source project and move the original doc or graphic to the trash.

This works very efficiently, and does not require an actual copy/paste from the Finder.

As a matter of fact, this could be written into Scrivener pretty easily as a menu command that could appear (not be grayed-out) any time two projects were open simultaneously. The menu command could be “Configure Document Transfer”, or something equally arcane (fits all the arcane menu items currently in Scriv, heh heh), and invoking it could resize the top window to facilitate this positioning I spoke of above.

We’re in a Windows thread, so I apologise to those coming across this, but since I’m responding to someone from the Mac version…

Yes, that would be the Documents ▸ Copy to Project ▸ submenu, which offers a repeater shortcut below that submenu once you use it once, per session.

As for resizing the project windows to a left/right/top/bottom orientation, either platform can already do that with Layouts—although for something like this it’s probably easier to use the operating system’s ability to tile and organise windows. On Windows you simply drag project A to the far left and drop, and B to the far right and drop. I think with macOS 10.15 it is possible, but a bit more complicated: you have to hold down the Option key and click and hold on the green button or something arcane (frankly, I use a third-party window tool to make it as easy as on Windows, and it works in older versions of macOS as well).