How to share notes between multiple projects?

I need to share character notes among multiple projects and have these notes updated. So when I make a change in these noted in project, I need them up to date when opening them in another project.
Is it possible on Scrivener for Windows?

You can use the Scratch Pad to do what you want. It works well for this purpose. See section 10.3 in the manual.

That said, I believe I heard that the Scratch Pad functionality will be going away in the next major release of Scrivener and replaced by something comparable. (But I might be wrong about it going away.) So just be advised that how to accomplish your goal might change in the future. That said, my understanding is that we are likely at least 6 months away from getting the next major Scrivener release to Windows, so short term you are good. And long term you are good, if you decide not to upgrade. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Did not see it in tutorial. But actually, 6 months is too short for me, I often rewrite texts after tens of months… I hope there is some other way

There’s no way to share them, but you can just keep another project for notes and ALT-TAB between that and the other projects that you’re working from.

Hi Robert,

Have you seen anything from L&L about a change to Scratch Pad functionality in next major release?

I thought I had, but searching could not find the post. Now I’m thinking they were referring to Project Notes, not Scratch Pad.


I wouldn’t worry about the Scratchpad functionality going away – the notes within the Scratchpad are standard RTF or plain text files (your choice) kept outside the Scrivener project (that’s why you specify a separate location for them), so you’ll be able to import them into the new version of Scrivener anyway.

I’m pretty sure the change was to Project Notes, yes. I wouldn’t worry about them going away however, they’ll just be accessed differently.

I’ll admit that I’ve never made much use of Scratchpad, so you should definitely look into it, but I’m not seeing the value in it versus keeping a separate project open.

@rdale and brookter, thanks for the clarification.

@nevena, sorry for introducing uncertainty where there is none. Have you tried the Scratch Pad functionality?