How to show footnotes inside Scrivener at the end of a document

If I add a footnote in a Scrivener document, the text of the footnote shows up on the right side in the info sidebar. Also I have to add the footnote to a specific word which gets highlighted with color by the footnote.

That is all fine but I would much prefer to look at my footnotes in a more classical way. If I add a footnote, I want to show a little number (1) behind the last word where I add it and at the end of the document I want my footnotes as text under a line just as they would appear in a book.

Is this possible to have it show up in this “classical” way? I am still using scrivener 2 (Mac) but would upgrade to Scrivener 3 in a heartbeat for this feature.

btw: My question does not concern compilation (I found a lot of posts concering footnotes and compilation) but rather the document view of scrivener itself.

There is no way of doing that in the main editor. With the exception of PDF (in version 3), it doesn’t handle footnote layout or placement at all. The thing that opens the compiled file is what handles that detail. For there to be something like that in the editor it would require a pretty big overhaul of how the editor works, because none of the basic infrastructure for adding a feature like that exists.

This is in no way helpful to the OP’s request, but it might be worth saying that once you become used to Scrivener’s use of the inspector to show footnotes, you’ll find it very useful for editing, moving footnotes, etc. Scrivener won’t use numbers for your footnote markers in the editor because it has no way of knowing where in the overall draft that footnote will fall, until you compile the document.

I came to Scrivener after using Word for academic writing for years. It took a little adjustment, but now that I’m used to it I find the classical way of placing footnotes at the bottom of my work in progress very annoying!

Also,in the project settings, you can choose to use an asterisk or glyph of your choice as footnote marker in the editor instead of a highlighted word.



Also, in-line footnotes are an option – which is now my preferred way to do footnotes. If you are one of those that needs tons or miles of footnotes maybe that won’t be right for you. Otherwise, it might be worth checking out – you might surprise yourself and find you like in-line style better just as I did.