How to Show Page Breaks?

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I really have looked long and hard at both the manual and the forum trying to find an answer to this one. But no joy.

I just got my manuscript back from an editor and am struggling with one of her suggestions. It is to limit the use of the words “was” and “were” to 2-3 occurrences per page. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to show page lines in Scrivener. I’m sure there must be a way but I don’t see it.


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I doubt she was being literal about the pages themselves, since I’m assuming she was viewing the manuscript in a typical word processor or PDF viewer. The typical submission format (1" margins, double-spaced lines) for a novel manuscript has around 250-300 words per page. Look at the word count for each document in the binder, divide by 100*, and that’s how many occurances of “was” you can leave in that document. I’d round down to the nearest whole number.

*If a page is 300 words, and you’re allowed 3 'was’s per page, that’s about 1 ‘was’ every 100 words, which is how I arrived at 1 ‘was’ per 100 words.

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Thanks for answering. I do know all that. However, I’m editing heavily and looking for an easy way to incorporate my editor’s suggestion. If Scrivener can’t display page lines I’ll edit in Word, which is how my editor viewed it. Word, as you know, shows page breaks. So, I’m assuming by your response that Scrivener can’t show end page marks of any kind?

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I’ve since learned that the Mac version of Scrivener has a Page View button but that the Windows version, for some reason, doesn’t.
Go figure. :confused:


No, Scrivener (for Windows) doesn’t have a page view mode. Even the Mac version’s page view is just a rough approximation; it’s just a visual metaphor for those who prefer to fill up virtual pieces of paper, not a representation of the final layout in any/all output formats.

The lack in Windows is due to all the limitations that the original programmer’s toolkit imposed on Scrivenings mode, which will hopefully be solved in the next major release, from what I gather.

So there’s some good news in this at least. Will anticipate the next release.

Thanks for the information.