How to show paperback format on pages

I have completed my six part first chapter draft and I tried compiling it in paperback format. but some parts run onto more than one page, and then the next part starts in the middle of the page. how can I see where the page breaks are in the format or find a way to start another part on the next page and not in the middle of the previous page.
Thanx again for all the help I have been getting.
The Fishman

Without seeing your specific compile settings, my best guess is that you’ve assigned a section layout to the section type for your “parts” that has each being treated like a new chapter.

That is, it sounds like each document in your first chapter is compiling with a page break and the text starting midway down the page like a new chapter would.

You might want to check out our 4-part series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page. If the webpage loads the Windows videos, you can click on the dropdown and select “macOS” to see its video page.

While some of the settings shown on the Mac version are different from the PC version, the overall compile process and the steps needed to customize the compile settings are similar.

The Tutorial also has some documents about the compile process. And, Chapters 23 and 24 in the Scrivener manual go into detail on the settings and customization process. You can access a PDF copy of the manual from the Help menu. That is also where you can access the Tutorial.

I personally like using the Tutorial as a testing space for a number of Scrivener features, including testing out the compile tools and options. That way, I can experiment with different compile formats and output files without using my own work. If I get settings wrong in the Tutorial, I can delete the flawed one and get a new copy from the Help menu.

That allows me to practice without the pressure of using my own text.


If I understand correctly, new sections start wherever the last section left off which might be the middle of the page, but you want each section (doc) to start on a new page.

  1. Take note of the Section Type which is assigned to these sections/docs (see right side of compile dialog)

  2. Now look at the central section of the Compile dialog, and click Assign Section Layouts. There you need to assign the Section Type we noted to a Section Layout that starts with a pagebreak (this is previewed in that area, so it is easy to tell which section formats do that). If none of the formats is quite what you want, you can (duplicate and) customize the Compile format you are using.

  3. Everything RuthS said.

Thank you both for your replies.
I will look into the tutorials and the compile sections.
Sorry for being such a newbie!

Everybody has a “first time”. The trick is to go with the flow and try to avoid thinking it’s like other apps. And go through the Tutorial.

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