How to specify punctuation character for lists for Markdown Export

I’m not sure if this is by design, however, I’m trying to get a list with the numbers enclosed in parentheses:

(1) first item
(2) next item
(3) etc. …

When I type it like this manually in Scrivener, then (of course), in my Markdown export it shows up in exactly the same way. However, if I use the handy Scrivener formatting menu
Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 10.07.10 AM.png
and either choose one of the predefined options or choose “Other…” and specify prefix and suffix myself then Scrivener always exports the list with a period as suffix to Markdown.

1.	first item
2.	next item
3.	etc. ...

How can I specify the (1) format for Markdown export?

Markdown itself does not have what you are asking for. Scrivener only generates the two original “1. ” or “* ” style list markers. Pandoc does have broader support for list formatting, but when the list→MMD conversion code was created, we weren’t yet thinking about Pandoc integration (it might not even have had these features back then). It’s maybe something that could be enhanced in the future—I’m not sure about that however, as it would depend on the level of detail the text engine provides about list formatting. Such hypothetical enhancements would of course only support the variations Pandoc does.

As I primarily use Multimarkdown instead of Pandoc, I’ve always had to work around the matter of it only have two list types. A classed div, for example, or injecting the necessary raw LaTeX using Scrivener’s compound style prefix/suffix system, can do the trick.

I see.
Well maybe you could put that on the wishlist for future enhancements. Would be great for us Pandoc users. :slight_smile:

Also, for LaTeX it’s easy to work around it, as you said, but if also exporting to other formats it’s more cumbersome. So the more Scrivener could handle for us lazy users the better :wink:

Unless you’re doing things differently than how I am thinking of, you could use the same technique you use for LaTeX to generate your own Pandoc list punctuation. I’ve attached a simple example:

  • There are two list blocks in the text, to test reset.
  • In the Styles compile format pane, check the paragraph prefix and overall suffix to see how that part works.

Now, as I understand it, you have clean and flexible output. I do agree it could look nicer in the editor with the actual markers, but as a way of getting what you want right now, it’s intended behaviour to add “features” with the compile settings like this.

If your use of alphabetical lists is as sporadic as mine, just typing them in might be easier than the above. (73.6 KB)

Oh, I see
that’s an interesting solution. I feel like I still haven’t fully explored all the magic that pandoc can do. :astonished:
But, yes, I use lists very rarely so typing them manually will be the easiest.

Nonetheless, if there is some wishlist for future development, it might not be a bad idea to keep it in mind.
For users who don’t want to go through too much trouble with setting up their own styles, but still prefer to go the markdown route, for example, because they need references, it’d be more intuitive if Scrivener would translate whatever list one chooses to the appropriate markdown punctuation characters.