How to start a business policy manual?

Business policy manuals can look a lot like legal documents: a hierarchy of enumerated headings and subheadings, with paragraphs of text under each. For one example, look here: … e-i731.pdf

I do not care about the heading highlights, nor do I care about formatted boxes, etc.

I already have a long, several levels deep outline that I want to flesh out in Scrivener, to create a final document similar that reference link. In fact, I have it in the Outliner as I write this.

What is the best way to proceed?

I actually have a template and compile format set up to do just this, but sadly it’s for the Mac rather than Windows so sharing it here won’t help you.

But if you invest a little time to understand the way compile works (and in particular, using the hierarchical number placeholder tags and title prefixes) then you should find it relatively straightforward to achieve what you are after.

Hi pigfender,

I’d be interested in the template and compile format that you’ve put together, if you’re still willing to share. I am on a Mac, so it should be compatible.

Thanks in advance,

Ron Kochanowski

Count me in too pigfender! If you still have that template handy and are able to share it, I would love to give it a try.


I still have it. Will try and remember to upload it in the week.
There’s no magic to it, though. The key aspects are that it uses the hierarchical numbering tags to create headings on compile (1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.3, 2, etc), and that it uses folders vs text documents in order to determine if a section should start on a new page or not.
Other than that, the main ‘trick’ is understanding how to create a contents page.

As I said above, I’ll dig it out and share. Might be a few days though as I’ll need to write a bit of narrative around how to import it, how to use it, etc. Still, you’ve waited this long… :smiley: