How to stop backups.. I have dozens of them on my home screen. Please help they add one every time i work on something

I have dozens and dozens of back ups on my home screen. How do I stop ALL backups?

Incredibly frustrating on how to work on my book

Hi Scottfree. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

First thing I’ll say, is that having your backups land on your home screen is not the best of places.
You should create a dedicated folder. It may be on your home screen if you want quick access, but at least the backups themselves are not gonna cluster it.

Go to Options / Backups (These are Windows version screenshots)

Set the number of backups to retain:

The various settings regarding when backups occur are on the top section of that same panel. As well as whether a backup is zipped and/or timestamped.
I recommend zipped + Timestamped backups.

The way I am set in my screenshot is for manual backups only. – Only when I decide.
I don’t recommend it so much, especially if you think it is the kind of thing (making a backup) you might in the long run forget about.

These settings (unless you’ve set a project to behave differently in Project settings) are common to all of your projects. You only need to set it right once.