How to stop highlight when using control K

When I start a new chapter using control K the default for the new chapter is that the new text automatically is highlighted in yellow. I can’t seem to figure out how to stop default highlighting and that is very annoying. I am using Scrivener version 1.2.3 for Windows.

Ctrl-K is the default shortcut for Split at Selection; typically when you perform this action, the focus shifts to the binder with the title of the new, split-off document selected and ready for editing. That’s the only usual “highlight” that would occur. It sounds though like maybe you have an actual highlight applied to your text in the editor, and this would continue to be in effect when you split the document. If you just select all in the editor and then choose Format > Highlight > Remove Color, what happens?

Also check in the Editor tab of Tools > Options that you haven’t accidentally set your defaults to have a highlight. This would affect new documents you create, though since you specify you’re getting this when splitting, it may be unrelated–split documents keep their original formatting, so they wouldn’t pick up the editor defaults. Worth checking, though, in case this is what affected the original document before you started splitting it. If you see the highlight in the sample text in options, use the highlight format bar button there to remove the color. That will prevent it from occurring in any new documents going forward.

Thank you! I went through Tools/Options/Editor and yes, the text was highlighted there. My problem seems to be fixed now!