how to sync files between two computers

Ok, so the external harddrive is using the FAT file system (it is not a file per se but it does not matter too much). This will give you time to check out if you like Chronosync until daylight saving hours are back. Nothing important just something to keep in mind for later.

What I suggest you do is identify one directory (or folder) on your computers harddrive that contains data files (Scrivenes, plain text files, pictures, whatever) you are interested in.

Press Command-D on your keyboard (Apple key and D) . This will duplicate this folder.

Manually drag the newly created duplicate to the external harddrive.

This will leave two identical instances of the folder you have chosen on your computers harddrive and one on the external harddrive, all of which should be identical. We did this because now you can play around without messing up your novel…

Perhaps you might want to mark the duplicate folder as such more conspicuously. Right click (or control click) the duplicate folder and choose a colour label that you dislike the most.

Download the Chronosync demo and install it. I’ll talk you through setting up everything in CS later.



I’ve followed your instructions and am ready for the next step.