How to sync windows and linux scrivener notebooks..

I want to buy a chrombook, and then install ubuntu on it, then scrivener linux or scrivener windows under wine…

But my question is can I sync my scrivener notebook from windows to linux and visa versa…?

I’ve had no trouble syncing via Dropbox (the old-fashioned way, just keeping my projects in the Dropbox folder) between the Linux and Windows versions of Scrivener – the only problem is that currently I don’t have a second Linux-friendly cloud service to take the backups, since Ubuntu One went away and Wuala went paid-only. The usual caveats (be very sure the whole project finishes syncing before you close down one machine and before starting Scrivener on the other!) apply just as they do with two Windows machines.

SpiderOak? Cubby?

The former should be Linux friendly, the second I don’t know for sure as I’m on a Mac. I used SpiderOak for a while and really liked it apart from the non-Mac-like interface.


Mr X

Thanks. I should look at SpiderOak again – I think the last time I looked I was put off because their Linux page was years out of date. Un-Mac-like interface is a plus for me :wink:

I used it about 7 years ago, the first time the Chinese government decided DropBox was a threat to national security and blocked it — they’ve done so again now! — and I liked the way it worked and the level of security through encryption, but all them time I was tearing my hair out with the UI saying, “But I’m not using Linux!!!”

Actually, the biggest problem I found with it then was that I had my Scrivener Backup folder also as a SpiderOak repository (or whatever it was named) for security, and so I kept running out of space on SpiderOak. It was that as much as anything that made me go back to DropBox when the authorities decided to unblock it.

Mr X