How to sync with OwnCloud

Hi everyone,

Since I left DropBox for privacy reasons, i use the wonderful alternative is like an open source Dropbox that you can install in your own server or use some owncloud servers.

But… but… It seems that Scrivener is the one and lonely app that don’t sync properly.

Please find the 2 only problems with the text errors messages I got from OwnCloud

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Any help should be warm welcomed!

All my very best,

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I’ve got no idea about the first message - binder.backup is a back of the binder structure file that is made whenever you open the project.

The second message is telling you that a file no longer exists, but that’s how it should be - user.lock is a file created inside the .scriv project when the project is opened, and deleted when the project is closed. It maintains information about who is using the project at the moment, so that Scrivener can detect clashes if you try to open the project on two machines at the same time. It seems that OwnCloud doesn’t like the file being deleted for some reason?

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Have you tried compressing the project into a ZIP archive
Before backing it up to OwnCloud?

Having switched from DropBox to Cubby and now considering Wuala (the latter encrypts everything, at both ends, so nothing is accessible to the hosting service). However I just recently learnt about OwnCloud and was wondering about it. In terms of usage, how are you liking it? Is it is as easy to use as the commercial cloud services? I imagine that the privacy issues are limited by the security of your own server, or does it involve added encryption on your server?

UPDATE: I had a look at their website, but it seems they only offer server-side encryption? Unless the server is under your own roof, I’m not sure this this any better than DropBox.

Dear Keith,

Thank you VERY MUCH for taking time to explain. Now, I understand and… everything’s fine.
I just «save as» one time all my projects and the sync is working back again without any issue. Fantastic!

Thank you again.

Under its own roof, this is huge, no?

Apart of that, OwnCloud is very cool and clean. Love it!

If you aren’t up to managing a server, then yeah, its huge. How are you managing secure backups? What media warrantee do you have for lost revenue should drive failures occur? I could go on, but those are the ones that would push me away from a self managed solution.

BTW, I do this stuff for a living so it isn’t a technical concern as much as a logistic concern for me. For others the tasks themselves might be beyond their capacity.

As a thought experiment though, own cloud running on a rackspace system might cover it. BUT then you need to contend with local crypt so now you are back to an encrypted image. At that point DB is a viable option again.

I don’t have an onsite server so I rely on my hosting provider’s security. I’m sure they’re decent people, but they’re a small company and there’s no way they have same level of accountability as DropBox. Further, being hosted by a smaller service my data is a lot more likely to be accessed if my provider messes up (or gets hacked) than if DropBox does - being one of millions on DropBox means there’s safety in numbers.

I could always use something like BoxCryptor with OwnCloud, but then I can also use it with DropBox (or Cubby) as well. Wuala is already encrypted end to end, from the client side, so even if someone could somehow gain access to my data, I’d be fine.

The upside of OwnCloud is that it is free regardless of how much data is stored.
Downside is that I would have to manage everything myself, worry about security myself, and think about how else someone could access that data if they wanted to. This is not my area of expertise - the people who might try to access my data are smarter than me, have better equipment me, know the systems I use better than me (they’re probably richer and better looking too). Not to mention the time costs of set-up and ongoing maintenance. I’d rather pay a company staffed with smart and knowledgeable people (who are possibly even richer and even better looking) to do all that for me.

In short, I’m not convinced that OwnCloud is more secure, or more private, than DropBox.

Having said all that, I still think OwnCloud is cool. I will probably sign up just because I want to play. 8)

You might want to check out SpiderOak. If I remember correctly, everything is encrypted and they don’t store your password (so DON’T forget it), so no one on their end can ever see your data (nor can they share it, even on subpoena, as they don’t have any way to see it, ever).

SpiderOak was one of the first cloud services I used, in fact it was my preferred back up service for my Scrivener files for a couple of years. But it was so user unfriendly - I’ve been called geeky (I hide it well), but using SpiderOak was painful. I dumped it, and DropBox, for Cubby ages ago (at that time, Cubby was allowing free use of their premium security service - now it’s a paid addition).

Even though I haven’t paid for the premium features, I still use Cubby. It remains by far the easiest to use, and most flexible (any folder can become a “cubby”), of all the cloud services I’ve investigated. However, there are still quite a few I haven’t researched: I eventually decided I’m better off actually doing work than testing yet more cloud services… :unamused:

Having said that, I’m waiting to learn more about Apple’s planned changes to iCloud before I make a decision on whether to stay with Cubby or switch to one of Wuala, Copy or OwnCloud.