How to synchronize from editor view to outline view?


How can I synchronize from an editor view to an outline view?

My problem is this:

I’m using Scrivener to write an essay, so I use frequently write pieces of writings in different times.
I usually keep an outline view, and a normal editor view because I need always to know which is exactly the context of the new content.

When I add a new piece, often I need to compare the new content to what I’ve already written, so I do a search and the results go in to the binder panel. So far, so good. But when I click on a result row, from the binder I can only affect one of the two views, and it get transformed in an editor view. Too bad… if the binder was able to affect an outline view directly, it would be perfect.

I looked for a workaround, trying to synchronize the outline view from the editor view, but I just ended up looking in the path of the editor view and then finding the right page among hundreds.

Is there another method, or maybe a way to set things I missed?


Paolo D

I’m not sure I quite understand you. If you want selections in the outliner view to open documents in the other editor, click on the two arrows in the footer view beneath the outliner. If you want selections in the binder to select the row in the outliner view, then download the beta ( ) and lock the editor with the outliner in. If this isn’t what you are after, please try to explain a little further.

Hope that helps.

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Neat! Does this also work in cork board view?


Great! With the last beta it works very well. The binder now affects directly the outline view. It’s really what I needed… Thank you very much!

Scrivener rocks!

Paolo D

I think I’ve found a bug in this last beta. I have an outline view and an editor view synchronized. With the new beta, if I select an item in the binder, then in the locked outline view it changes the focused item accordingly, unless you have just entered in the other editor view (for example to modify its text).

Is it a bug?

Paolo D

No, because the binder selection only acts on the editor view with the focus. If you only want it to affect the editor with the outliner view, then use the View > Binder Affects > … feature.

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I know that. In fact my binder affects only the outline view, and since my outline view and my editor view are synchronized by means of the double blue arrowed button, also the editor view changes.

This is exactly the behavior I expected, so it works well.

The problem is that when I click inside the (synchronized) editor view, the binder stops affecting anything at all.

Did I explain?

Paolo D.

I can’t reproduce this - it works fine for me. I have the outliner in the top editor locked, Binder Affects set to the top editor, and the focus in the bottom editor, and clicking in the binder selects documents in the outliner (provided they are present in the outliner of course).

Can you please provide steps to reproduce?

My fault! It was not set the option “Binder Affects -> Top View”.

Now it works fine.

Thanks a lot.

I was not able to customize the color of the selected row of the outliner. The problem is that when you select an item in the binder, the outliner view is not focused, so the color of the background of the selected row is a very light grey so it’s almost invisible. I worked around this by changing the outliner background, so the highlighted item, the light grey, contrasts enough. I think, however, that the best solution would be that one can change the background just of the selected row in the outliner (or, at least that you change it hardcoding a more contrasting color).

The selected row colour is based on your System Preferences - all controls on OS X have a light grey selection when not focussed (and even where you can customise selection colour, this does not affect how it looks when not focussed).

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