how to synchronize the Outliner or Scrivenings?

If I have two panels, the Outliner in the left panel, and the Scrivenings in the right panel (the Binder is hidden), is there a way for the Outliner and Scrivenings to be in sync?

i.e. if I click an item in the Outliner in the left panel, I want to readily be brought, in the right panel, to the corresponding Scrivenings.

I searched the forum for the word “sync” but nothing came up.

At present, in the attached screen shot, if I click any item in the Outliner on the left panel, there is no action in the right panel (the Scrivenings). When I click something in the Outliner, I would like to be taken to the corresponding point in the Scrivenings.

Likewise, if I click on an item in the Scrivenings, how can I readily be brought to the corresponding area in the Outliner?

In the example in the screenshot, where there are only a handful of items in the Outliner, it’s easy to manually find the corresponding location in the Scrivenings - but it’s not so easy when there are several hundreds of items in the Outliner.

The answer is in your very screenshot! Look in the footer of your Outline view. See that box with the right-pointing arrow, fourth icon in the footer? Click that and every time you click on an outline item, the corresponding document will be opened in your right-hand editor.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Exactly what I needed.