How to take snapshot of all documents?


I tried to take snapshots of all documents before further revision, which is pretty handy.

However, when I selected all the folders on the binder and take snapshots, it appears that the documents under the folder were not affected. I do want all of them to be affected. The only way to do this is to manually open EVERY folder and select all documents.

Is there any easy way to ‘unfold’ all folders so that I can select all of the documents easily? Then I can take the snapshop of all documents.



option-click (or opt-right arrow) on the disclosure triangle next to the folder to expand everything. :slight_smile:

When you customize the toolbar you will find an Expand All and a Collapse All icon. If you use this often you can add them to your toolbar.

Thank you both for your replies! I got it!

I like to do this in the Outliner so the binder stays the way it was, too. Cmd-0 and Cmd-9 will also collapse and expand everything, respectively. You can take a titled snapshot of all items in the selection, too. The title you type in will be assigned to each document’s snapshot.

Also note there is another way of going about this altogether: just select the Draft icon in the binder and hit Cmd-D. That not only preserves the current textual state of your manuscript, but its order. If you use a lot of references and/or Scrivener links, I’ve noticed this can take a lot longer, so if you do opt for this method and you get a spinning pizza wheel, let it go for a bit. It’s probably doing just fine, but taking a while to do so.