How to tell version I have, plus dealing with old license issues

I bought a Scrivener license in 2013. I have used it on several computers before my current laptop, which I recently got.

It did not occur to me to uninstall Scrivener or deactivate a license on my previous computer. I just migrated everything to the new laptop and wiped the old laptop before passing it along to my daughter. When I went to work on my WIP in Scrivener it requested my license and gave me this error:

“Please ensure that you are connected to the internet and that the license code you entered is correct. If you have activated this license before, it is possible you have run out of activations; in which case, please deactivate the license on another computer and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support at”

I can’t deactivate anything, as the old laptop is wiped. I contacted as suggested and I have not heard anything for two days. I am reading that maybe the problem is that my old license is in the wrong format due to a vendor change. Is this correct?

I think I paid for the upgrade to version 3 last summer but I am not sure. So this is another issue I am trying to sort out.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a way I can figure out what version I have on my laptop now without being able to actually get into Scrivener (see error message above)?
  2. Can I download a trial and run it until this gets sorted out? If I do this, do I need to delete whatever it is I currently have on my laptop? I think it is not all there as I can find no plist files which is something I am gathering I ought to have.
  3. Should I give up in dramatic fashion, pay for it all over again, and work this into a storyline to vent my frustration that when I finally get the motivation to overcome writing inertia I hit a technical roadblock? :wink:

I just want to work on my book, and with everything stuck in Scrivener files, I have no recourse. Backups are great, but they don’t do me any good if I can’t get the software running. Wiser humans, please help!

Hi joyfulmama,

Contact L&L support directly for this at, as due to privacy concerns they don’t handle licensing issues over this forum. Be sure to check your spam folder for their reply, as frequently that’s where they end up. :slight_smile:

You’ve already downloaded the software, so you shouldn’t have to download again. The trial version is the full software, just unlicensed. You should be able to work as unlicensed for 30 calendar days. (Did you download from L&L’s site or the Mac app store? It’s possible the app store version is handled differently.)

Definitely not. They’ll sort it out for you.