How to to create a list w/ checkboxes?

I’m using Scrivner (v. 2 - can’t go higher w/ my Mac & OS) , and I’m wondering if / how it’s possible to create a list w/ checkboxes.

AFAIK, it’s not possible to create one with actual checkable checkboxes. If you’d like empty checkboxes to print, you could create a custom list with a suitable emoji as prefix.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I’ve written quite a bit on the topic in this thread. That is all Scrivener 2 era stuff—where version 3 would add a new ingredient is that you can now make your own checkbox metadata column, instead of using an existing checkbox for something other than its intended use. You could also consider just typing “X” into a text metadata field though.

Maybe we’ll have check boxes someday??? This would be a great addition to my to do lists.


I don’t know if Scrivener v.2 can run LaTeX …

Depending on how important it is to actually have an interactive checkbox available in a PDF document, here are a few lines of LaTeX code as a Minimum Working Example (a.k.a. MWE in LaTeX jargon) of code from that does exactly that (1):

\CheckBox{Check here if you like this form: }

Check here if you don’t: {\huge \Square \CheckedBox \XBox}

which gives:


Note: Only the first (red) checkbox is interactive in the final PDF file. Also, depending on the PDF reader, your mileage may vary.

Note 2: For those who want to determine if the checkbox is checked there is: javascript - How do I check whether a checkbox is checked in jQuery? - Stack Overflow

FWIIW, I had NO idea this was even possible in LaTeX … I learn something every day! Thanks for the question!


(1) Questionnaire checkboxes -