How to to create a list w/ checkboxes?

I would also love to have a checkbox list function in Scapple. I have a long list of events that must be included in my novel, and it would be great to have a checkbox list off to the side to check off as I include the events in the story. It seems like it would be pretty easy for L & L to include something like this in their products.

Scapple already has two “done” tools that I use: Fade and Overstrike.

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Here’s how I do it:

Just add that special character at the start of each note. You can copy and paste it, so it only takes a few clicks.

Even better, you can add a system-wide substitution in the System Preferences: Keyboard: Text pane to make it something you can more easily type in. Then just make sure Edit ▸ Substitutions ▸ Text Replacement is enabled in Scapple (and any other software you’d like to use this with should have a toggle in a similar location if it supports it—though notably in Scrivener that is governed globally rather than per-project, in the Corrections pane, with Symbol and text substitution).

Nice! Done.