How to track or "reverse search" internal references?

Hello! I’m new to Scrivener. [size=85]Mostly. I tried out the Windows beta eons ago, but never got the fully licensed version because I was a broke high school student at the time.[/size] [size=50](Now I’m just a broke college grad.)[/size]

I have Version: - 05 Oct 2017, on Windows 8*. Downloaded it last night for NaNoWriMo, and just finished the interactive tutorial.
[size=50]* = using Classic Shell to make it look and run like Windows 7. Don’t expect this to be relevant, but including it just in case it is.[/size]

Now, I know how to create an Internal Reference - as in, adding a document from elsewhere in the Project (i.e. a document from the Research Binder) into the list of references in the Inspector. But is there a way to “reverse search” on this, or track where a document is referenced?

i.e. Using the Interactive Tutorial as an example, it gives a PDF titled “Space Walk” in the Research Binder. Let’s say I listed it as an Internal Reference on several difference scenes/documents across multiple chapters/folders in the draft. Is there a way for me to see a list of the documents in which “Space Walk” is listed as a reference?

At the moment, all I can really think of is “cross-referencing” (re: listing the relevant Draft documents as references in the Inspector for the Research document). But that has to be done manually, so my own personal worry is that I’ll forget to do it and lose track of where a Research document or other binder’s document gets referenced in the Draft.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc.? Please and thank you! :smiley:

Every time you create a link to the Space Walk document, assign the keyword “spacewalk” to the origin of the link. You can then search for the keyword to find all relevant documents.


Thank you, Katherine. :slight_smile: Do you know how this can be done automatically? Your suggestion sounds like a manual entry, which I already know how to do, and my biggest concern is accidents or inconsistencies in that manual entry leading me to “lose” references.

Sorry, there’s no way to do this automatically.


The Mac version 2 and version 3 have a setting where ‘backlinks’ are created every time you link to another Scrivener document - that means you can see the ‘incoming’ links in a document’s inspector without having to do anything special.

Presumably this will coming to the Windows V3 when it’s released sometime next year.