How to transfer files for Scrivener for Windows

How to transfer files for Scrivener for Windows from one laptop to another?

The best way is to backup the project(File>Backup> backup now) to either a cloud service as a zip backup (add a date to name as well), like dropbox, etc. or backup the project as a zip backup to usb key and use that to transfer the file. Make sure that your extracted project folder is DIFFERENT than the backup folder on the labtop and the one where keep the transferred backups from the USB.

The basic answer is: how would you copy any files and folders between laptops? If this is something you have done before, then you know how to do it already. Perhaps the only missing ingredient is forgetting where you chose to save your work. Use the File ▸ Show Project in File Explorer, to reveal the master project folder for the open project.

If you do not know how to copy files and folders between computers, obviously a basic tutorial on fundamental computer usage is warranted. This will aid you in considerably more than just Scrivener file management.