How to trick "reopen recent projects..."

I don’t know if this is strictly a bug or not, but…

I am working on the same project on my PowerMac and my PowerBook, synchronizing the copies. Basically, when I mount the networked PB’s Documents folder on the PM, I have DoSomethingWhen set to automatically run a Synk 4.2 script, which transfers the newest copy of the file to the system with the older version (overwriting the older). Since, I suppose, the project file is really a package, it shows a whole bunch of files being copied.

Then, if I launch Scrivener on the system with the updated project, it doesn’t open anything, even though (in theory), I had been working on that file previously. So long as I don’t synchronize the file, it opens upon launch. Once I update it, it won’t auto-open that first time, post-sync.

Reopen recent just saves a list of the paths of recently open files in the preferences file. If the exact path of the recently open project (e.g. a mounted drive) is not available, then of course it won’t open, even if the same project exists somewhere on the local hard drive (because that wasn’t the copy of the project that was open recently).

The path remains exactly the same–the sync method just refreshes the copies in their respective paths on each system. For example, like this:

/username/Documents/Scrivener Work/STORY.scriv

/username/Documents/Scrivener Work/STORY.scriv

There’s a local copy on each computer and that’s the only copy Scrivener itself ever opens. If I’ve worked on STORY.scriv on the PowerBook that day, I’ll come home, attach the PB to the network, and run the sync script; it copies the updated file from the PowerBook (that is, the .scriv package) over STORY.scriv (the older version) on the PowerMac. Scrivener never deals with the mounted drive.