How to turn grammar check off?

I do not have “check grammar” turned on, but when I do Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar, Scrivener attempts to check my grammar. Is there another setting somewhere where I can turn this off? Thx

Mojave? This? … =3&t=53710

Slàinte mhòr.

It’s a new feature in Mojave. You’ll see the same behaviour in all apps. Sadly, it’s very, very broken.

The problem was discussed here. Keith has reported it to Apple.

How Apple came to conflate spelling with grammar is beyond comprehension.

Yep, this is driving me crazy too, as I said in that other thread, and we’re not the only ones:

I’m surprised there isn’t more of an outcry on the internet, given that this affects all Apple apps and all apps using their frameworks, but I guess most writers use Word, which has its own spell-check system. No word from Apple on my bug report yet, but in my experience it’s not the sort of thing they will fix in a point update - you’ll probably have to wait until 10.15 or 10.16 for this to be addressed. It’s annoying that their spell-checker is a black box, too, so that there’s no way I can fix this myself.

EDIT: Actually, I don’t want to speak to soon, but I might have found a workaround for this - I can override Apple’s spell-checking and double-check any words it thinks is misspelled in isolation to see if they truly are misspelled.

I’ve been clicking the “Learn” button on every single one of them, whether it is right or wrong I don’t care. Hopefully doing so will shut off the various different ways in which it probes the text, but who’s to say how contextual the “learn” feature is.

Hmmmm. Mojave is sounding, so far, like a not-worth-it Update.

I’ve been feeling that way since 10.12 (really, what did 10.13 offer other than more bugs?). However I do really like dark mode, and have been using it in every program that offers it so far. If you do prefer a less bright interface, the update may be worth the inevitable snarls.

My Compose Mode is set to emulate a Disco-crisis-era Kaypro, and I’m enjoying the black-screen mode that appeared in a recent iOS update to iBooks. But constant digital nudges to correct my non-algorithm-based Grammar makes me ugly, and writing well in a constant snit works only if your name is Mencken or Saki.

Thank you all.