How to turn on/off auto indentation (paragraphs)


I created 9 chapters in the Scrivener and only the last one has auto-indentation. Could someone explain me how can I control this option? I would like to apply auto-indentation in the first eight documents and remove it only when I use 2 lines interval among the paragraphs.

PS: I tried to find an answer for this question on this forum but I didn’t.


Could someone please help me with this question?

It’s hard to say without more information on what you’ve tried already. If I had to take a guess though: maybe you have styled the paragraph text for most of your chapters? Styles will by default override many compile settings related to formatting.

It is generally best to leave body text set to “No Style”, so that the compile Format can be free to do what it was designed to do, like handling indents properly.

Thanks for replying

All the pages are selected as “No Style”. Actually, I did’t do anything different when I created the new text file.

All right, well like I say we’d need a little more to work from in order to provide advice. It can be helpful to provide a little sample project, perhaps with two files in the binder, one that works and one that does not, with your compile settings applied.