How to unstack index cards?

Let’s say I have 200 hundred index cards across multiple folders and files. When I do View > Corkboard, the cards appear in stacks - one stack per folder. Is it possible to turn stacking off, so that I see all 200 individual cards (scrolling up and down the screen, of course)? Thx.

Unless you want to make all your folders/containers and sub-documents the same level (no indentation) in the binder, then the only way to see the synopses of the contents (but not the containers’ synopses) of the folders is to select just the folders. Try clicking on one folder, and then CMD-click on the next folder down, then view in corkboard mode if you’re not already. You should see two sets of cards, one from the first folder, and the other set from the second. You can do the same by selecting only the containers (not their contents) all the way down, but you won’t see the cards for the containers themselves.

This is why I eventually turned to the outline view. There are some very nice built-in window layouts in the Window->Layouts menu. Try “Centered Outline” when you have your draft folder selected to see how it looks. Try the other views; they’re all good starting points, depending on what information you want to see.

Fantastic. Thank your rdale. Very helpful.

There is also an alternate command for opening a nested group of documents onto a single flat corkboard. Select the folder you wish to view as a flat list, and use the Navigate ▸ Open ▸ With All Subdocuments as Flat List ▸ on Editor Corkboard menu command. There is a keyboard shortcut for that one by default.

Here’s another method, closer to what you described:

  1. select the folder whose files you’d like to see all at once regardless of level.
  2. Choose menu item Open > With all subdocuments as flat list > On Editor Corkboard

The disadvantage of this method is that you won’t be able to reorder items. But it gives you exactly the display you asked for.

Hope this helps!

Dang. Ioa beat me to it… :smiley: