How to unzip backed-up projects

My Mac crashed and I’m presently attempting to use Scrivener for Windows. My projects live as zip files in Dropbox and for some reason I am unable to open them. There doesn’t seem to be a project file that I can choose that will open the entire project. All the RTFs and JPGs are sitting in discrete files like parts of an engine that can’t be mated together. :cry:

Little help here? My suspicion is that the version of Mac Scrivener I was using saved my files in a way that’s incompatible with the Windows one…

Were you using Version 1.x? As far as I can remember (there was a recent thread in the Mac forums which covered this topic), you need version 2.x for the Mac to be compatible (because Scrivener for Windows wasn’t even a gleam in the eye when Scrivener for Mac 1.x was top of the bill).

Ah, ok. I was indeed using 1.x for Mac. That explains it! Thanks for posting on the holidays, friend!