How to Update Scrivener Links after Edits

Hello All,
I would be grateful for help. I am writing a dissertation with a number of Scrivener links to earlier and later sections. Sometimes I decide to change the heading of a section after I have added several Scrivener links to it. But while the program does change the hyperlink itself, it doesn’t seem to update the text that shows in the document. Is there a way to update all of the showing text to reflect edits?
I have tried looking on-line. I have also tried closing and re-opening the program. Any other suggestions (or comments that I have to do this manually) would be appreciated.

Hi Brigitte,

this thread
talks about exactly what you need. Finding all scrivener links works as described, but that’s it.

Unfortunately it looks like the update features mentioned still didn’t make it into Scrivener for Windows.

My workaround:
As Scrivener uses plain rich text files to store infomation, I use a search & replace tool to globally change all occurences of a scrivener link and it’s title within all the files at the scrivener project directory and below. This then beside text documents also affects document notes, etc.

Of course before such an action making a backup of the scrivener project and closing the project in scrivener is a good idea. By now this did not lead into any errors.

However this is a rude brute force method which patches the data files.
So this will be totally on your own responsibility.

Tools are e.g.
Funduc Search and Replace (
InfoRapid Search and Replace (
Notepad++ and it’s feature Search & Replace, Find in Files (