How to use a map as a background?

I’m trying to plan and visualize my future trips with Scapple, and it would be great to use a map (not a mind map - a geographic map) of a city.

Any ideas how to do it? The only solution I see is to open google maps, make a screenshot and then use it as a background image.

Probably there is a more elegant way to do it?

By the way, the problem with pasting images directly to Scapple is still not solved (

That’s the only way to do it, and it may cause performance issues. The background texture feature is meant for just that, textures, not large graphics. But if you keep the filesize down, and it works well for you, by all means do so. :slight_smile:

There hasn’t been a release yet. You may be thinking of the Windows version which just came out. That’s a completely separate codebase.

P.S. Your forum tag states “Windows”, yet you seem to be using the Mac version of Scapple.