how to use Corkboard

I am in the trial phase of Scrivener, and am having difficulty seeing how to use the Corkboard. I envision sketching scenes on the cards and viewing them in the top split, writing the scenes in the lower. T’aint working. Seems what I write in the bottom appears on the cards themselves, and not just the scene notes. What am I doing wrong? Better still, how do I correctly use the cards and the Corkboard? Thanks, Skarecrow

Welcome to Scrivener :wink:
move this post, to the ‘Technical Support’ forum, itll get more attention there. In the meantime, check out Scriveners Help file; Scrivs FAQ File in 'Tips Tricks & FAQ' forum and also, if you havent already done so, you should/must, go through the Scriv Tutorial.
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Yes. I have moved this to technical support. Going through the tutorial is a great first step to understanding Scrivener, plus it is full of tips and tricks you might not otherwise come across by just playing with the app. But to answer your question briefly: Try to think of index cards as being a representation of a document. It’s like having a stack of papers stapled to the card. The card is just a title and synopsis field for the document, and it can be displayed visually as an index card—or in a table with columns in rows using the Outliner view. It’s all the same thing, just different ways of looking at it.

If you want to use the application as you have described, you can simply click the little button at the bottom of the corkboard view that looks like two opposing arrows. It will turn blue when enabled. This makes it so that when you click on a card, it will automatically open the associated document in the other split so you can type the scene. There are other ways of doing this, of course, but this makes it a single-click automatic thing.