How to use datas on two scrivener

New to Scrivener. Wrote most of an article in my summerhouse with Scrivener in the weekend and wanted to complete it on my stationary computer with Scrivener installed her at my home.
In the manual there is no description of what to do, so I used both save as and export and saved the resulting files on a memory stick - scrix file and a settings folder and a File folder. But when I tried to open and import I found out that this is not the way to do it. But what do I do - not to save my article, I have it in the summerhouse computer - but in general. The manual does only speak of importing and exporting formats other than just the scrivener format

File->Save As should work just fine. It will create a complete copy of your project, which you can then copy back to your main computer’s hard drive (probably the Documents folder). Just be sure to copy the main folder (the one ending in .scriv), which will include all of its contents. Don’t just copy the .scrivx file and/or some of the folders. The folder they’re contained in is part of the project.

Alternately, if you can figure out how to make the cloud files always save locally, instead of downloading files “on demand”, you could install/use something like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. There are details about Scrivener’s special requirements found here: Cloud Syncing / FAQs - Literature and Latte Support
Just be sure you understand how those services work if you go that route.

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Thanks for the good and quick answer. I just wanted to tell you that it really helped. Now I can go on writing. Best wishes Niels

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I generally recommend File → Backup → Backup To, and check the box to create a ZIP backup. A ZIP backup is the most robust way to transfer a Scrivener project.

I generally recommend against the Save As command. It creates a new copy of the project, and then continues in the copy. That often confuses people if (a) they open the original copy, and find that work done in the new copy is “missing” or (b) they use their system’s Recent Projects menu, but the removable media on which the new copy was stored is no longer connected. Scary error messages ensue.