How to use fantasy alphabet

I’d like to use a fantasy alphabet for short quotations, engravings, etc. for atmosphere in my fantasy novel. Some of the installed alphabets (not sure whether these are from my computer or supplied with Scrivener) show fantasy or non-Latin alphabets, but when I apply them to my selection, they show in Latin characters.

1.) How do I get the non-standard alphabet to display?
2.) Will it display as desired on e-readers?
3.) Is this even possible?

Cindy Skillman

Probably not. At least not with the current generation of devices. Some of the better e-readers support embedded fonts but not all of them. (There is also the licensing issue for the font. If you (or the publisher) do not have commercial rights to it then putting it in the ebook could end up with a law suit.

Thanks, Reep! I suppose then, the best way to do this would be to create my own original calligraphy and include it as an image file. That might be cooler anyway. :slight_smile:

Then you might have to deal with an ereader downsizing the graphic and reducing it too far.

Hmm . . . that’s too bad. I really love the artistic touches in Tolkien’s books. I suppose the technology will catch up in time. There’s always revision. (sigh) :wink: