How to use latex-support files other than the built in?

Hi there,

I am quite new to Scrivener, but I love this piece of software!
My problem is, that I want to adjust the latex-support files like mmd-memoir-header to fit my purposes like german, micro type, papersize etc.

The only way i have found so far is to alter the files within scrivener (Packagecontents, MACOS etc…), if I alter the files, that I have downloaded at github it scrivener will only use the builtin files.

Sure, I can adjust these files within scrivener, but I’d rather not like to…

Is there another way?

Greetings! M.

Yes, there is another way.

The simplest thing to do is to save the original files with a different name then make the adjustments you want. You then change the Latex Input calls in the metadata in the Compile dialogue to use your new versions. Of course, you have to set the metadata yourself to do that.

For example, I have a mmd-hememoir-begin-doc (the he represents my initials) which I use instead of the standard mmd-memoir-begin-doc. That contains all the specific settings I want.

The only thing you need to be careful with is the nesting of the input calls within the support files, as it is quite easy to get tangled up. My beginner’s guide (further up the forum) does give the pattern for the basic files.

Hi there,

sorry for the late reply!
thanks for the amswer, it helped me a lot!