How to use other .tex files properly?

I am VERY new to Latex (a few hours in!) but I really want to figure out how to use MMD and Latex because I am writing more papers and soon I will have to write my PhD thesis.

I found the beginner’s guide useful. I managed to compile my first document and it seems that I am on my way. However, I am not a huge fan of the styles found at Fletcher’s Github, that come with Scrivener.

I want to try to search for other templates that format papers with a bit nicer style (or at least a bit more unique) but I am having problems.

For example, I downloaded this template from PNAS. I split it in two (header/footer), but when I try to run it, it seems to be defaulting to “\documentclass[10pt,oneside]{memoir}”. It does insert the PNAS stuff further down, but the document still look similar to what it did before I included it.

What am I missing? Also, does anyone have some nice templates for academic papers (with different fonts, for example)?

When you say you downloaded the template, did you get just the .tex file, or did you get all the other bits and pieces? There is the class file PNASTWO.CLS and the style file PNASTWOF.STY which will need to be in the right place before the template has a chance of working.

To check you’ve got everything you could try typesetting the sample .tex file which PNAS provide (without going anywhere near Scrivener or MMD). I think once you had that working it would then be possible to chop the template into pieces to fit in the Scrivener-MMD-Latex workflow.


Thanks for the reply (and sorry about the long delay). I had to set this aside for a while. I had only downloaded the TEX file, not the others.

Where can I find other templates (including CLS and STY files) to use? I was only trying to use the PNAS one as a test, not because I thought it was the nicest. I’d like to have a small set of them to pick and choose elements from.


MrGruff (or anyone, really!)

I am back at this again, now with a paper to hand in in a few hours…

I have all the files now. I can compile them and the sample looks nice (outside of Scrivener). However, I still can’t figure out how to use the template with the document I wrote up in Scrivener. I have my “header” and “footer” templates in the same dir as the the scrivener file.

What am I missing. Its driving me crazy!

EDIT: I also found this blog post which seems useful, but it is not helping me.

EDIT2: one more update. It looks like the metdata keys I enter all get put under

does that seem right?

Dear jalperin,

I am not a LaTeX expert, but I’ve also had a “verbatim footnotes” error in a recent project. Try to empty your footer partial and see if that helps, than add lines one by one to find the error.

Here are my project files:
If you can compile those (the *.tex file), try to compare with your files and includes to find the error.

Good luck!

Still not having any luck. Could it be related to a the version of Multi-Markdown? I tried loading timbrandes’ project, but the same thing happens…

Any other ideas?

Million points for Tim Brandes.

The problem? Not Scrivener settings…

Installing MultiMarkdown 3 properly. One has to install MMD3 and MMD-Support files. This was in Tim’s post, and in one of the comments on this other blog post, but I somehow missed it.

So grab it from the MMD Downloads.

From Tim’s post:

Thanks Tim.