How to use Scrivener on two different platforms

I am guessing that there I have done something wrong in my previous submission because it has NOT appeared in the forum’s questions. My apologies for people seeing this a second time (if in fact this is the case) so, here we go again.

I have been a long time user of Scrivener on my (at first MacBook Pro) and now my iMac. I have often wished I could use it on my iPhone (can’t afford an iPad) for those moments of inspiration.

When I ask the question online “Can I use the Scrivener I have paid for and have a licence for on second device?” I always get the reply “Yes you can”. Fair enough.

What none of the replies I get are HOW to do it.

I have tried, and tried and even tried, believe it or not, tried to get Scrivener onto my iPhone, but I cannot seem to do it without paying for it again.

I would really appreciate someone to guide me through this.

The ultimate question: How can I install Scrivener onto my iPhone and use it under my existing licence?


You can use your license on as many MacOS devices as you like. iOS is a different operating system, so you have to buy a separate license, an iOS license, for your iPhone.

Hope this helps!

Very clear. Thank you for that.