How to use Scrivener with Publisher's Template


I just got my first contract to write a book and received a word template from my publisher.

I would like to use Scrivener to write the book but I am not sure how to make it work with the template. I am suspecting that the only way to go is to copy paste the text into the template.

Has anyone else dealt with such situation in the past?



As far as I know Word doesn’t have a way of taking a document and applying a template to it after the fact. You could try searching Microsoft or other Word discussion forums for a better answer, but from what I saw from the first couple of search results, it seems like everyone has to copy and paste text into new documents in order to get that text into the template, no matter what program you start with, including Word itself.

Yes, I thought so. Thanks for the reply.

Technically, you can merge a document into a new template, but every time I’ve attempted it, it’s been less than ideal. You still have to go through and re-apply styles, etc – so IMHO, better to do it by hand.

One trick I have used though is with Word’s search/replace against styles – use that to convert all text of a given style to a generic normal text with an added text marker. Then I cut and paste it all as Normal into the new document. Then I use search/replace with the text markers to apply the new template’s styles. Doing this, I usually just focus on paragraph styles – I generally don’t have to mess with bold, italics, etc.