How to use ".tex" for plain text eported file

I use Scrivener as a front-end of the TeX source input.
I write directly TeX command to Manuscript, then copile and finally make a TeX source file.
I want to use the extenseion “.tex” for my exported file name.
But Scrivener forces to use “.txt”.
How Can I use “.tex” as a extension for my exported text file?

In a word, no. However, see this thread for some external ways to solve the problem.

I’ve already mentioned it in the thread above, but Scrivener’s ‘raw’ Markdown export is a good way to keep the document structure from the binder. The output is not a proper LaTeX file but you can use a little Perl oneliner to remove the MMD Metadata and convert the sectioning commands:

perl -p -e 's/^Title: .*\n//;s/^CSS: .*\n//;s/^XHTML Header: .*\n//;s/^Author: .*\n//;s/^Base Header Level: .*\n//;s/^LaTeX XSLT: .*\n//;s/^Language: .*\n//;s/^Format: .*\n//;s/^# (.*) #$/\\section{\1}/g;s/^## (.*) ##$/\\subsection{\1}/g;s/^### (.*) ###$/\\subsubsection{\1}/g' Untitled.txt > Untitled.tex