How to use text blocks multiple times?

I’m writing texts for an exhibition. Now I try to find a solution for the following task: I have to write texts that are compiled of different paragraphs, for instance I will call them A, B, C, D, E, F.
Text 1 will consist of § A, B, C, D
Text 2 will consist of § A, B, D, E
Text 3 will consist of § A, B, D, E, F
and so on, depending on the context in which they are published.
I can easily compile the paragraphs working with duplicates or copy/paste.
But: in the editing process I will get remarks to, say, paragraph A, which occurs multiple times and I therefore need to correct it multiple times.
Is there a way to link these paragraphs together without hardcopying them, so that when editing the “original” paragraph A the alterations will be made automatically in every instance?
I tried to use the “link” feature, but it will only copy the link into the text and not the linked paragraph of text.

Thanks in advance for any helpful idea.

This is the basic procedure:

  1. set up the ‘boilerplate’ paragraphs (ParaA, ParaB, ParaC, ParaD) in the binder, (outside the Draft/Manuscript folder for preference) one document per paragraph.

  2. set up the main body texts (Text 1, Text 2 etc) in the Drafts folder.

Then in the texts, do this:

blah blab blah blah etc


blah blah blah blah blah


Whenever you want one of the paragraphs, you add the <$include>, then select it all (including the <>) and create a link (from the right-click menu) to the relevant boilerplate document (e.g. ParaA for the first include, ParaB for the second etc).

When you compile the document, they will be included; and you only need to make any changes to each ParaX once.


…perfect, exactly what I was looking for… :slight_smile:
Thank you very much, it goes swimmingly!

You’re welcome!