How to use the cards and the writing area?


I´m not sure if “writing area” is the correct word - the area behind the cards …

I try to explain my question. First I worked with scrivener I thought, that all what I write in the writing area, will be shown in the cards - just the first sentences.
Than I remarked that both things are different and I could write in the cards and in the area.

Now I´m not sure how I could use this in an effective way. For example in the character settings. How do you manage it? Actually I try to write the most important/concise things into the cards, for example “role”, “character”. In the writing area I try to write it out. Or I deposite a character template.

Maybe there are other ways to work better with it? I would be glad to get some further ideas from people, who had their first steps with scrivener still done ;- )

Thank you very much to participate in your ideas.

Personally, I use the index cards in different ways depending on the stage of writing I am at, and the type of writing I am doing. At an early stage, the synopsis contains reminders of the things I want to put in that section; later on it contains an actual synopsis of the section. There’s a blurred patch in the middle of the process where I can never be too sure what it contains!

It’s a while since I last wrote fiction, but if I were to set up characters in Scrivener I might do as you have done, and use the index cards for the most important character notes. Don’t forget that you can add an image to the synopsis card, if that is how you would like to view your character cards on the corkboard.

However, I would use the associated document to store relevant text clippings from my draft, via Append Selection to Document… (a very useful tool for collating text snippets, without interrupting the writing flow too much). So, suppose I found myself writing in my draft about character X’s fondness for radishes, I might use Append Selection to Document… to add that information to X’s character document. A fondness for radishes is never likely to be an important character trait, but it’s all part of X’s make-up so I might want to remind myself of it some day.

In the end, though, it depends entirely on how you like to work, and how you structure your thoughts. One of the best things about Scrivener is that it is so flexible – you can use the relationship between the index card and its associated document in whatever way suits you best.