How to use the notes function in Scrivener 3.1.1


I have a question about using the notes function: I don’t mean the notes section in the inspector, but the notes folder in the binder. I just want to have somewhere to plan my novel that I can refer back to easily. I’ve started writing my novel, but still have a lot of planning to do. Ideally I’d like somewhere to store my notes that’s bigger than the notes section in the inspector, which seems to me to be more for little notes alongside a chapter - I need somewhere for planning the entire novel.

I’ve started using the notes folder in the binder for my planning, but when I tried to open a sub-folder within it, it just created another folder in the main Manuscript binder below it.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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When you create a folder it’ll be created at the same level, a sibling, of what is selected at that time. So you could for instance select a document within a container, create a folder, and it’ll be created at that document’s level.

In the case of creating one when a root (leftmost) container is selected, I assume your Notes one is, after it’s created you could move its Binder outline depth via the Menu Bar: Edit > Move > Move Right (or use the listed keyboard shortcut), then move it up or down within the outline as needed.

Hi there. Thank you for the tip, that’s really helpful.
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An important thing to remember is that the Notes folder in the Binder isn’t a separate “notes function,” it’s just another folder in the Binder. You can call it “Notes” if you want, but you can also call it “Novel Outline.” And as the outline gets fleshed out, you can split it into folders called “Boy climbs tree;” “Monkeys throw rocks at boy;” “Boy climbs down;” or whatever is appropriate to your project, and drag it into the Draft portion of your Binder.

If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the Interactive Tutorial project from the Help menu, which is a good overview of how the parts of a Scrivener project work together.