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NEW YORK - When Andy Pemberton, the editor of Maxim’s Blender, was interviewed by The New York Times Final Month, he predicted the audio magazine landscape"dull, dull as toast," and thankfully described how Rolling Stone’s recent redesign appeared a bit like. . .surprise. . .Blender.

Coming off Blender’s recent triumph as Ad Age’s journal launching of this year, it Appeared Pemberton was only continuing from the short but productive convention of hubristic laddie behaviour which has described equally Dennis Publishing’s more famous titles (Maxim and Stuff) and its own harvest of editors.

Unfortunately, he might have spoken a little too soon.

Throughout 2002, Blender Wasn’t a part of the Audit Bureau of Circulations, however, the magazine has promised that a circulation of 350,000, also stated that its rate base would climb to 410,000 in January. It’ll, Blender executives stated, be audited for 2003. Of these 350,000 subscribers, press reports stated newsstand sales accounted for roughly 70 percent of readership, that might amount to 245,000 single copies sold on average since November 2001 - over Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone mixed throughout the first half of 2002. (Blender’s media kit breaks down it a bit differently to 65/35, which might result in a newsstand typical of 227,500 copies )

But at the age of Enron, Worldcom, and Tyco International, Blender’s Competitions in the men’s and audio classes are stating that its numbers seem increasingly like accounting. Resources at six firms, such as Wenner Media, Vibe/Spin Ventures, Conde Nast, and Emap in addition to noncompetitors into Blender or even Dennis’ other names, consented that the numbers were inflated. In reality, not 1 origin - one of these publishers, circulation directors and editors - thought Blender had sold 245,000 duplicates on a single problem in 2002, less on average. how to find infor

“It is smoke and mirrors,” stated one high tech music magazine Executive, before adding that newsstand sales of this magazine plummeted in September and October, a promise which has been supported by two resources away from the audio group.

“We are seeing [sales statistics ] of about 145,000 to 150,000,” stated Another competitor. “It is nowhere near what they have said stated on document.”

If these claims are accurate, it Wouldn’t be the first time a music magazine Inflated its own numbers. Even though a casual survey of over 20 magazines - like Vanity Fair, People, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Sports Illustrated - signaled the newsstand earnings averages supplied in the majority of magazines’ publisher statements are usually within 3 to 5% of their audited numbers, songs publications tend to be somewhat looser with their characters compared to lifestyle and fashion magazines. But seldom has a significant consumer magazine already been accused of inflating its newsstand revenue by 62 percent, the gap between Blender’s documented newsstand sales and exactly what its rivals claim they are viewing from field collected information.

Calls to Blender’s writer, Malcolm Campbell, and Lance Ford, Dennis’ Executive vice president, publishing, and also general director of Blender, went unreturned Thursday. However, Blender’s spokesman, while defending its runaway victory, stopped short of stating the magazine had marketed too on newsstands because its own media kit and media clips indicated.

“Circulation is obviously a practice of fine-tuning,” he explained. “You are not talking about dead on consistency just like a weekly or a monthly that has been in existence for three decades. Some problems will come over and a few are likely to encounter.”

He added,“I have heard this tune before. I Am Certain That many of them Same flow directors are the very same men and women who could not know Maxim managed to extract the exact same flow numbers. I have a nice selection of posts where various circulation directors asserted there wasn’t any method Maxim could be reaching the amounts they had been.”

Dennis’ opponents have definitely had reason to be envious. Since launch An American variant of Maxim in April 1997, Dennis Publishing has grown into among the largest success stories in recent publishing history. Maxim now has the greatest paid readership of almost any men’s magazine at the U.S. besides Sports Illustrated, and its own newsstand total of 872,706 at the first half of 2002 (according to the writer’s announcement ) was higher than the GQ, Esquire, Details, and Rolling Stone combined. Back in 1998, the publishers of Maxim found Materials, yet another men’s magazine that saw victory. It now dukes it out with Men’s Health and FHM for its number-two slot on newsstands.

However, Blender’s spokesman declined to Give newsstand sales amounts on any Of the issues that he discussed, stating the magazine’s July issue, including the Osbournes, was a major seller for he had no real data or revenue quotes. But sources in the sector put the earnings of this July issue below 200,000, for example two flow directors beyond the men’s and audio classes who obtained information samplings on condition of anonymity and reasoned that at no stage in 2002 had Blender sold over 245,000 copies on newsstands, regardless of the spokesman’s claims that specific topics"came ."

1 flow director contacted gathered data from nearly 50 percent of The newsstand marketplace for each the magazine’s problems from February to November 2002, then prorated the amounts into account for the rest of the marketplace.

“They’re promoting a few copies,” he explained. “There is no doubt about that. However, the information we have seen doesn’t point to 250,000. It doesn’t imply that whatsoever.”

During November, he explained, Blender sold an Typical of 42,000 copies throughout the Anderson News Company, the country’s biggest wholesaler, which accounts for between 30 and 35% of the general newsstand marketplace. Then he added into that earnings through the Chas. Levy Company, that accounts for another 11 to 13% of this current market, through which Blender had an ordinary sale of approximately 12,000 copies. With approximately 45% of the market covered, Blender was promoting only past 54,000 copies, which when prorated, put its earnings from the ballpark of 125,000.

Another flow director, who set its ordinary around 130,000, stated, “If I had been one of the opponents, I would be going to town on this.”

When the allegations against Blender are accurate, It wouldn’t be the first time that one of Dennis’ magazines inflated its newsstand sales. At the first half of 2001, Stuff Magazine reported in its writer’s announcement that it had marketed 474,700 duplicates through newsstands normally. However, if the ABC ran its review of this book over a year after, it revealed that the magazine had overestimated its newsstand average by almost 10% from January through June. On the other hand, the magazine prevented needing to choose a restatement for the year since in the next half its subscription amounts -that are far less important in determining advertising rates - were suppressed by roughly 50,000 copies, sufficient to deliver its general average (newsstand and subscriptions), into a figure which was within 1 percent of their total reported.

And there Might Not Be much punishment in store for Blender either. “Blender isn’t ABC,” one Circulation manager said. “They can say anything they need.”

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