How to view all bookmarks within the Draft?

I just discovered I could make use of Bookmark Annotations. However, it looks like I can’t view all bookmarks globally within the Draft. If I select the Draft folder in the Binder and from View > Text Bookmarks, the list is empty. I can view bookmarks only singly for each document. Is this really so? You can’t get a list of all bookmarks within the Draft?

As with features like Footnotes & Comments, you have direct control over the scope of how much information is used by a feature by selecting text into the editor using Scrivenings. If you just click on Draft all by itself and do not view any text of the draft, there are no text bookmarks to use. :slight_smile:

Just a note though, this feature will be removed in the long-term future. It’s largely redundant considering that Comments already do the same thing. So enjoy while it lasts, but consider using Comments for bookmarks if this project will be in use for a long while.

Do you mean I should be able to see bookmarks if I view the draft in the Scrivenings mode and select all text in the editor? I don’t, the list is empty.

I have yet to learn about Comments if I can see a global list of them somewhere…

As you can probably realise, I’m not adept with Scrivener. I’ve been using it for about a year and a half now for different kinds of projects, successfully ignoring features I haven’t specifically missed.

Doh, so obvious: in Inspector (bubble icon) of course, and they’re all there. Comments were the answer all along then. The Inspector is a bit scary to me I think, I’ve been sticking with Notes only.

Sorry and thanks! May this thread die with Bookmarks.