How to view all comments together


Trying to see all the comments I created in different files in my ms. I expect there’ll be a way to see them all listed in one long list - but so far only managed to view the comments of each file separately.

So far, by choosing a file in the Binder, the comments from this file are listed on the Comments & Footnotes left-side sidebar.

If I choose the parent folder:

  1. The comments (on the right-hand sidebar, titled “Comments & Footnotes”) disappear
  2. On the Comments & Footnotes sidebar, next to the title, the comments icon is shown but is dimmed, I cannot press it

The same happens when choosing the Manuscript folder, or when choosing a few files all at once.

Here’s how it shows on the sidebar:

And that’s when I choose only one file:

Version: Scrivener 3.3.1, on MacOS, M1, 13.4.1


Selecting a few files should show them as a scrivening, and give you what you want…
Why it doesn’t? Hmm…

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That was it! Apparently I was missing the scrivening button in the toolbar, didn’t even know such a thing exists :slight_smile: Thanks to your comment I found it in the toolbar customization, reset my bar to default, and now if I click it - it works.

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