How to View all footnotes

I think I understand how to view footnotes but the system’s not working the way I’d expect so perhaps you can instruct me.

So I have footnotes in a document in the file I am using.

Should I not be ale to go to the top level of the Draft folder and open Inspector and see ALL footnotes, everywhere in the file, OR must I rest my cursor on the document including the footnote?

Surely, there must be a way to view ALL FOOTNOTES in a file in one place. Right?

Help me understand and learn.


I’m on a Mac so this might be different - but to do this I open the`Comments & Footnotes’ pane of the Inspector; Select All in the binder and got to Scrivenings mode. That shows all of the f/n together.

This isn’t currently possible in Windows; the inspector can only show the comments and footnotes for the focussed document, even in a Scrivenings session. You can however use Ctrl+Page Up/Down while in a Scrivenings session to move focus from one document to the next in the editor.

thanks, MM. Once again, we poor pc guys play second fiddle to Cupertino Gods.